Wu Guanfu, chairman of Golden Delicious Foods, an entrepreneur who is dedicated to doing good business

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Wu Guanfu, chairman of Golden Delicious Foods, an entrepreneur who is dedicated to doing good business

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WuGuanfu,chairmanofGoldenDeliciousFoods,anentrepreneurwhoisdedicatedtodoinggoodbusiness WuWenfu BorninJinjiangCityinJuly1955,heiscurrentlyChairmanofGoldenDeliciousFood(Fujian)Co.,Ltd.Socialposts:Chair
Wu Guanfu, chairman of Golden Delicious Foods, an entrepreneur who is dedicated to doing good business
Wu Wenfu
Born in Jinjiang City in July 1955, he is currently Chairman of Golden Delicious Food (Fujian) Co., Ltd. Social posts: Chairman of China Wu Family Clan Association, Vice President of Fujian Guangcai Business Promotion Association, Vice Chairman of Quanzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, Founding President of Quanzhou Food Industry Association, Representative of Jinjiang City People's Congress, and Jinjiang City Charity Federation Always honor the president and so on.
The first time Wu Wenfu was at the founding meeting of the Fujian Enterprise Confederation of the Wu Family Clan Association held in Fuzhou at the turn of spring and summer. Wu Wenfu, as chairman of the Chinese Wu Family Clan Association, awarded the prize to the Federation and also rushed and funded the conference.
At the beginning of June, during a reporter's visit to Jinjiang, he had the opportunity to enter and interview the “Golden Delicious Garden”, the largest condiment production and R&D base established by Wu Wenfu in Fujian province.
Overseas Chinese work is more important than business
Wu Wenfu's entrepreneur of this age is the first generation of entrepreneurs after the reform and opening up. The founding companies have also experienced bumpy times and advancing with the times. However, in addition to years of vicissitudes, there are Confucian styles in his face.
Wu Wenfu is associated with overseas Chinese. He is a returned overseas Chinese in the Philippines and is currently the chairman of the Jinjiang Luoshan Lingyuan Xintang Federation of Overseas Chinese. Talking with reporters, he did not talk about the development of the enterprise, but excitedly introduced the Philippine youths who had planned to organize the trip back home to seek roots.
He asked why he loved working in overseas Chinese. He said that he was engaged in overseas Chinese affairs because he was moved by overseas Chinese. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, Luoshan was still very poor. At that time, many overseas Chinese spared no effort to return home to run roads and run schools, to pull wires for their hometowns, and to invest in the transformation of their hometowns. Although Wu Wenfu is not wealthy, he already owns a motorcycle by doing a small business. He often volunteers to take over assignments for overseas Chinese. Over time, he feels deeply touched by his overseas Chinese and is moved by his overseas Chinese behavior. He is also determined to serve overseas Chinese.
Heaven’s reward is diligent and Wu Wenfu has worked hard to achieve success in his career. Since then, he has not only devoted his time to investing in overseas Chinese affairs, but has also contributed to the construction of Huge Elementary School and Xinqiao Middle School and has established scholarship awards.
As Wu Wenfu is eager to work in society and treats people with thoughtful things, and many overseas overseas Chinese have formed a deep friendship with him, he has a high reputation among overseas Chinese in the Philippines. In 1995, on the initiative of Wu Wenfu, the Philippine Overseas Chinese established the Luotang Lingyuan Xintang Township Federation in Jinjiang City, Philippines.
Nearly 90,000 Chinese and overseas Chinese in Luoshan's three streets are overseas. They have made tremendous contributions to their hometowns and need a 'home' of their own. Under Wu Wenfu's running, Chinese and overseas Chinese in 3 streets donated more than 3 million yuan. In 2003, Luoshan Lingyuan Xintang Guolian Building was completed. Since then, the work of overseas Chinese affairs has been accompanied by funds and guarantees. Since 2003, Wu Wenfu has been elected as the chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation.
Wu Wenfu, who is the chairman of the Overseas Chinese Federation, does not take a job allowance. He has often paid for hospitality and traveled on business trips. His expenses are even more expensive. Once to the old overseas Chinese home in the Lingshui community, I found that the old overseas Chinese family lived in the ancestral home of the dilapidated house and had no financial ability. They immediately helped the old overseas Chinese to raise funds and built a house and took the lead in collecting 100,000 yuan. Now the elderly have lived. Into two small buildings.
In recent years, due to the development of urban construction, the old houses of many overseas Chinese in Luoshan, Lingyuan and Xintang communities have also been requisitioned, and there have been many incidents of overseas Chinese property being invaded. Many overseas Chinese asking for help from the Overseas Chinese Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Wu Wenfu immediately listened to it and immediately came forward to help solve the problem and assist the overseas Chinese in handling the formalities. This kind of thing is very time-consuming and energy-consuming. Moreover, some overseas Chinese are already the 3rd and 4th generations. Even if there are problems in language communication, Wu Wenfu is always on the front line.
In this regard, Wu Wenfu thinks that his own company sometimes pushes things and slows them down. It doesn't matter. Overseas Chinese affairs can't be pushed. They are looking for us to do whatever is a big deal.
Enthusiastic public welfare
Wu Wenfu has many social positions, but he is the most cherished public charity job. He is the eternal honorary president of the Jinjiang City Charity Federation; in 2007, he was generously donated RMB 7.1 million to the Jinjiang Charity Federation and was awarded as a “philanthropist” by the municipal government. ".
In fact, he had previously practiced charitable activities. In his father's 80th birthday, he donated 800,000 yuan to build a villa-style elderly activity center in the village. In addition, the project funds An's Zhende town's poverty alleviation fund of 300,000 yuan and donates 500,000 yuan to fight flood relief in the northwest of Anxi. This is similar to the need for help. He enjoys it. He initiated and established the Wu Family Clan Association of China and the Wuzhou Ancestral Hall Management Committee of the Quanzhou Cultural Relics Protection Unit, and he took the initiative to generously donate millions of dollars to carry out activities. He also initiated and initiated a donation of more than 2 million yuan to build the Wu Family Patriarchal Church in Tumen Street, Quanzhou. Because of his great contribution to his family name, the Chinese Family Association’s Surname Committee recently hired him as vice president.
According to incomplete statistics, Wu Wenfu has invested nearly 10 million yuan in public welfare undertakings. In April 2013, Wu Wenfu was awarded the Charity Contribution Award by the Fujian Provincial Charity Federation.
The reporter asked if there is any contradiction between social activities and business operations. He admits that of course there are. However, since pushing him to this position, he only has to do his utmost to do his best. Although he is laborious, he is full and fulfills his life value in his busy life.
Doing soy sauce
Wu Wenfu is persistently responsible for the cause of public welfare. This is also true of his career. He established Golden Crown Food (Fujian) Co., Ltd. as "China's leading agricultural and sideline products company," and "Golden Crown Park" was identified as "China Famous Brand."
When talking about how to make the company bigger and stronger, Wu Wenfu said: "Actually, it is very simple, we must work hard, and we must be honest and practical." He believes that the food industry is a healthy business and it is necessary to ensure the health of people, from raw material procurement to production processes. Each lane has to implement strict standards. He invested heavily in 150 million yuan to introduce the most advanced foreign machinery and equipment, carefully selected from the source of high-quality non-genetically modified soybeans in Northeast China, the use of the unique mild climate along the coast of southern Fujian, the use of high-salt dilute brewing technology, and through the role of microbial enzymes, sun 6 months carefully brewed. Rich in color, mellow taste, is a good helper of food seasoning.
Wu Wenfu stressed: “People are doing, heaven is watching, I want to make soy sauce all one's life.” He said: “We want consumers to eat healthy and eat delicious, you have to make products with your heart.” It is reported that Golden Delicious successfully launched “fresh”. The "taste of the old" and "old altar stuffing" new series are now launched with the vinegar series of drinks with beauty and health effects. The products are sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions.
The relevant authorities commented on Wu Wenrong: He is a highly prestigious "leader" in promoting the development of the food industry in Quanzhou and even the development of the food industry in Fujian. He was naturally elected chairman of the Quanzhou Food Industry Association. He won the title of Outstanding Economy Character of Quanzhou City on the 30th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up.
Very rare, Wu Wenfu has always insisted on learning and enriching himself. When he was young, Wu Wenfu took up school duties very early because he had dropped out of school. He regretted not learning more, and he knew that knowledge played a role in its management. Therefore, he left the company to study and pursue advanced studies. He went to Peking University and other famous universities to study, and earned an honorary doctoral degree in entrepreneurship from Gordon University.
Wu Wenfu always adheres to the industry with his persistence in doing good, focus, and wisdom. Integrity management is his pursuit of ideals, but also his personality charm and successful entrepreneurship legend.