Wu Wenfu: quality and innovation is the development tool

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Wu Wenfu: quality and innovation is the development tool

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Among the seven brothers, Wu Wenfu ranked third. In the 1970s, Wu Wenfu, who was just a teenager, set up noodles and noodle processing plants with his brothers and took the first step in deep processi
Wu Wenfu was born in July 1955 in Luoshan Town, Jinjiang City and was the chairman of Golden Delicious Food (Fujian) Co., Ltd. Outstanding Entrepreneur of Fujian Province, Deputy of Jinjiang City People's Congress, Adjunct Professor of Business School of National Huaqiao University, Vice President of Jinjiang International Chamber of Commerce, Standing Committee of Returned Overseas Chinese Association of Fujian Province, Vice Chairman of Fujian Food Industry Association, Quanzhou Food President of Industry Association, Vice Chairman of Returned Overseas Chinese Association of Jinjiang City, President of Overseas Chinese Association of Luoshan Town, Jinjiang City.
Among the seven brothers, Wu Wenfu ranked third. In the 1970s, Wu Wenfu, who was just a teenager, set up noodles and noodle processing plants with his brothers and took the first step in deep processing of food. Since then, he has been in the food industry for 30 years.
Since the age of 16, he has processed the noodle soup market, and later produced candy, biscuits, then canned food, and then turned into candy, jellies, then drinks, and later devoted himself to condiments. Nowadays, Wu Wen is too wealthy in the process. More trials and efforts. Some people in the industry have commented that Wu Wenfu has promoted the development of the food industry in Quanzhou and even the development of the food industry in Fujian. He is a leading “big brother” in the highly prestigious food industry.
His weather-beaten face is like a heavy scroll. The wrinkles carved out of his years of flying knife records his too many extraordinary experiences.
"Variety" is a powerful person
“It was a very difficult business just a few years ago, and not only did we have to be an operator, a sales promoter, but also a porter, often a change in clothes is another role.” Talking about his entrepreneurial experience of the year, he sat on the sofa with the reporter side by side. Wu Wenfu was filled with emotion and his eyes revealed a trace of vicissitudes.
In 1980, he had just started Jinjiang Huge Food Factory. He had few workers because of the limited funds on hand. In order to save money, he purchased the raw materials by using bicycles or carts. When he was producing, he and the workers were working together. The operatives; when he was selling, he and his brothers were carrying the whole package of samples together, running around, a one-two-kilometer journey, a dime bus ticket, he could not bear to spend. When selling outside the province, he runs one place a day, sells around during the day and sleeps at the train station in the evening. When he arrived at the time of shipment, he became a porter and loader, loaded the goods into the car, and then had to unload the goods on arrival. From procurement to production to sales, he has been personally involved, just like a tireless "variety". At that time, he took a rolling strategy of producing a batch of selling batches and selling a batch of remanufacturing batches, accumulating the first barrel of gold.
"At that time, I did not feel bitter and afraid of anything. I may be young and tired. I remember that one night when I was in Jiangxi, I met several rascals who wanted to rob me. At that time, I was carrying some money. I saw that they were kind enough to After they came, they slid and ran, but these guys chased after him. Until I ran into the train station to see the police, the talents dispersed." Recalling the scene at that time, he said he never felt scared because that kind of In the past, when he was running out of the market, he often encountered it and only felt that he had an entrepreneurial momentum.
Leading cans to export
After several years of gradual savings, Wu Wenfu still adopted a consistent “rolling strategy” and continued to invest funds in factories, expand production scale, introduce advanced equipment, technology, and talent to build factories.
In 1985, he expanded his factory building for the second time and started to produce canned food. He took the lead in blazing a trail of success for domestic sales and exports. At that time, there were many canneries in Fujian. Since most entrepreneurs were not yet familiar with the rules of international trade, they were afraid that they would suffer losses abroad, and export licenses would not be easy to obtain. The export threshold for canned food was high, and most of the enterprises had done domestic sales. However, for the domestic market, canned food was still a luxury product at that time and there was little room in the domestic market. However, the canned food market in developed countries had a large demand. Wu Wenfu saw this bright spot in the international market and tried his best to export his canned products to foreign countries. He has produced a "bloody" road for domestic canned enterprises, which has caused domestic colleagues to follow suit. .
In 1989, Wu Wenfu’s business career was another special year. This year's successful plan, so that the Golden Delicious plug in the take-off wings. In that year, raw material prices plummeted. At that time, the Golden Delicious had a certain scale and had relatively strong funds and strength. Wu Wenfu, who has been engaged in the deep processing of food for many years, once again felt that this was a business opportunity. Therefore, he began to purchase large quantities of canned raw materials—mushrooms and fruits. Facts proved his foresight. Just a few months later, the raw materials began to rise again, and he earned enough money.
After that year's transition, the level of strength of the Golden Crown has increased by another step. In 1990, Wu Wenfu expanded his factory building for the third time and started to operate beverage products and implemented a diversified development strategy. In 1992, he was located in the Huge Industrial Zone in Jinjiang, built an industrial park with an area of ​​6,800 square meters and invested in the establishment of the Golden Crown Group. At this time, the Golden Delicious decided to focus on the confectionery industry and began producing jellies and beverages while extending their tentacles to clothing and bags.
100 million yuan transformed into condiments
In the late 1990s, the European Union blocked Chinese exports of soy sauce on the grounds that these export soy sauce contained the carcinogen trichloropropanol. A large number of reports in the media allowed Wu Wenfu to capture such information: At that time, there was very little soy sauce that was really natural brewing in China. Seventy to eighty percent of the soy sauce on the market was allotted. Many companies that produce soy sauce are small family workshops. After many investigations, he also found that due to the European Union’s blockade, many condiment companies in China began to decline, and there was a large blank in the domestic condiment market, especially high-grade seasonings.
At this time, the Golden Delicious Group has achieved considerable strength after more than 10 years of development. Wu Wen, who is uneasy about the status quo, has the ambition to re-brand and transform condiments. His decision made him a well-known "Golden Delicious" brand.
Soy sauce is one of the most important condiments in the diet of the common people. The Chinese people can't leave it without food and it has a huge space for sustainable development. Soy sauce, with its quality of food, is bound to affect the health of the people. Based on various surveys and analyses, Wu Wenfu decided to switch to condiments, and from the beginning of the selected industry, he targeted high-end products and determined to be a national brand. In 1999, Wu Wenfu invested 150 million yuan to build an area of ​​4,500 square meters of factory buildings in the Wuli Industrial Park of Jinjiang, and established Golden Crown Group's "Golden Delicious Garden" brand soy sauce condiment companies, choosing high-salt and dilute ancient methods for drying. Process production of high-grade, natural brewing soy sauce and other condiments.
Soy sauce production process is divided into two kinds of brewing and preparation. The preparation of soy sauce is achieved through the blending of a portion of soy sauce with hydrochloric acid hydrolyzed protein seasoning liquid and food additives. The production is quick and the cost is low. However, the soy sauce thus prepared contains the chemically-reactive carcinogenic substance trichloropropanol, to consumers. The health hazards are great. The brewing soy sauce is based on soybeans, wheat as the main raw material, brewed by microbial enzyme fermentation. The brewing process is divided into two ways: high-salt lean state and low-salt solid state. The soy sauce brewed from the high-salt and dilute state process has the best quality, but its input cost is huge and the production cycle is the longest. At that time, the quality of soy sauce on the domestic market was uneven, and most businesses used simple configuration techniques to produce soy sauce for the sake of immediate benefit. This made the whole soy sauce market a great safety hazard. Wu Wenfu realized that only the production of high-quality brewing soy sauce, taking the road of branding is the way out for the soy sauce industry.
“Responsible for the consumers, we must do the best.” From the very beginning, Wu Wenfu was determined to position the product quality at a high starting point and high standard. In the process of producing soy sauce, he strictly required the selection of high-quality soybeans and flour as raw materials. He specially hired a well-known professional and technical engineer from Hong Kong, used high-salt and dilute state brewing techniques, and utilized the unique coastal mild climate in southern Yunnan to pass microbial enzymes. The role of meticulously brewed natural ancient sun 5-10 months. This soy sauce not only does not contain trichlorohydrin, but also rich in amino acids, proteins and other beneficial nutrients of the human body. Its soy sauce tastes pure, slightly sweet, authentic, unique flavor, excellent taste. Once put on the market, it is highly favored and praised by consumers everywhere.
Quality based innovation continues
With the “Golden Delicious” brewing soy sauce and other series of seasonings popular in the market, there has been a new change in the relatively calm seasoning market in Fujian. Several condiment brands that accounted for an absolute share in the Fujian market in the early years due to “Golden Crown Park” "The strong involvement of brewing soy sauce gradually receded.
"Previously buying bottled soy sauce came from Guangdong and Shanghai. Now our own Golden Delicious Garden soy sauce is sold to the doorstep of some big soy sauce factories in Guangdong and Shanghai." Speaking of this, Wu Wenfu's face shows a proud look. .
Now, "Golden Delicious Garden" brand soy sauce is sold throughout the country and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other regions.
"To make soy sauce is like stewing sirloin, it's very delicious when it's slow and simmering. It's the best thing to avoid." In the sample room of the Golden Delicious Garden, Wu Wenfu gently removed a bottle of soy sauce from the counter and held it in the palm of his hand. He told reporters that the brand is ultimately For the purpose of achieving consumer satisfaction, “Golden Delicious Garden” is to be the most assured and trusted brand for consumers. The first is to make consumers feel comfortable with product quality. Only with quality as the foundation, and with innovation as the driving force, brands can be successfully established. The brand tree can evergreen.
In 2002, in the same industry in the country, "Golden Delicious Garden" soy sauce became one of the first enterprises to obtain the national quality and safety production license, and was named "the leading enterprise of agricultural and sideline products." In 2005, "Golden Delicious Garden" was recognized as "China Famous Brand" and "Golden Delicious Garden" soy sauce was awarded the title of "National Exempt Inspection Product". In 2006, Golden Delicious was honored with “A” class food hygiene honors by the Department of Health of Fujian Province. It is reported that currently the only soy sauce production company honored “A” in the province is the Golden Delicious. Today, Golden Delicious has developed into the largest condiment production and R&D base in Fujian Province.
“Quality and innovation are always the two sharp tools for the development of Golden Delicious.” Wu Wenfu said that the most critical aspect of innovation is quality, especially for food companies. Quality issues are related to the issues of life and death. Strict management is the premise and guarantee of excellent quality. Only the company can be assiduous and dedication to ponder over the improvement of management and the improvement of quality. The establishment of a brand has its foundation and possibility.
Wu Wenfu believes that innovation is multifaceted, including the concept of employment, technical equipment, corporate culture, and the training of successors. The innovation of the concept of employing people is the forerunner. The Golden Crown emphasizes the “use of talent in an informal manner” to allow talents to make the most of their talents and to exert their core strength. Scientific and technological innovation is content, there is no good scientific research and technology, corporate innovation is the water without a source, and there is no such thing as wood. Cultural innovation is the connotation. A brand is like a tree and has its own growth law. The brand problem is the performance of corporate culture and corporate philosophy. If a company wants to create a brand of 100 years and ensure sustainable business, it needs to nurture the next generation of successors, how to choose successors, and train successors. This is also a stage and an innovation.
Get rich source. In the process of investing in entrepreneurship, Wu Wenfu never forgets to devote himself to various public welfare undertakings in his hometown and insists on returning the community to his own responsibility. In recent years, he has donated 3 million yuan for building bridges, cultural education and other public welfare undertakings. He also used his various relationships to contact many overseas Chinese returning to invest and set up factories to help local businesses attract foreign investment by several billion yuan.