Wu Wenfu: Food "Big Brother"

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Wu Wenfu: Food "Big Brother"

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Based on various surveys and analyses, Wu Wenfu decided to make condiments. In 1999, he invested 150 million yuan to build a 4,500-square-meter factory building in the Jinli Wuli Industrial Park, and
Wu Wenfu: Food "Big Brother"
Morning Post reporter Weng Yaoxiong text/Figure
Reason for concern
In the wake of the turmoil in food safety, quality exemption is tantamount to a dose of potency, giving local food manufacturing brands the confidence to grow up.
Recently, the "Golden Delicious Garden" condiment was awarded the title of "China Exempt Product". The day before the leader of the Golden Delicious who grabbed this title, Wu Wenfu, flew to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to receive the award, the reporter interviewed the person who was greatly respected by the food industry in Quanzhou.
A character entrepreneurship
Recently, the "Golden Delicious Garden" condiment was awarded the title of "China Exempt Product". The day before the leader of the Golden Delicious who grabbed this title, Wu Wenfu, flew to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to receive the award, the reporter interviewed the person who was greatly respected by the food industry in Quanzhou.
A 30-year journey in the food industry
Wu Wenfu is a legendary family in Jinjiang. He has seven brothers and ranks third in himself. His father is a butcher. In the late 1970s, the Wu Wenfu brothers set up noodles and noodle processing plants and took the first step in deep processing of food. After this step, he left for almost 30 years.
Today, in addition to producing "Golden Delicious" brand soy sauce condiments and "Golden Delicious" brand confectionery foods, Golden Delicious Group also engages in garment production, color printing and paper-plastic composite packaging bags, and the Wu family of seven brothers are in charge of various industries.
Someone in the industry commented on Wu Wenfu: He is a highly prestigious "leader" in promoting the development of the food industry in Quanzhou and even the development of the food industry in Fujian.
Evening sleeper train station
When most people no longer worry about eating, Wu Wenfu saw the market outlook for snack foods. In 1982, at the age of 27, he borrowed some money from his friends and set up Jinjiang Huge Food Factory. His main business was crispy cakes, candy, and peanuts.
“When I first started my business, I was very hard. I was not only an operative, a salesman, but also a porter. When I changed clothes, I became a character.” In the interview, Wu Wenfu was filled with emotions when talking about the hardships of his own business.
When Hu Ge Food Factory was founded, due to lack of funds, Wu Wenfu only invited some workers to adopt the rolling strategy of “manufacturing a batch of batches and selling a batch of remanufacturing batch”. At that time, in order to save money, when purchasing raw materials, he personally used bicycles or carts to pull raw materials; when he was producing, he worked as an operator with the workers; when he was selling, he and his brothers carried the samples of the whole schoolbag, and rushed around. Two kilometers away, 1 centimeter bus is not willing to ride, when selling outside the province, a place to run a day, selling around the market during the day, overnight at the train station, even the cost of staying in the hotel are saved; when shipped, He became a porter and loader, loaded the goods into the car, and then had to unload the goods at his destination.
From procurement to production to sales, all are personally experienced. During the interview, Wu Wenfu jokingly said: “Like the Monkey King, when the “72 Change” was staged, the clothes changed from the boss to the worker.”
"At that time, I did not feel bitter and afraid of anything. I may be young and untiring. I remember one night when I was in Jiangxi, I met a few rogues who wanted to rob me. At that time, I was bringing some money. I saw them take a bad walk. After they came, they ran away, but these guys were in hot pursuit.I ran to the train station at the station and called the police in the waiting room to get rid of it.This kind of thing was often encountered in the past, and backpacks and clothes pockets were often scratched. , but never feel afraid, very aggressive, and now I think it's a bit weird to think about.”
Leading cans for export
In the past few years, Wu Wenfu's brothers began to have savings, but he still adopted a consistent "rolling strategy", will continue to invest funds into the factory, expand the scale of production, the introduction of advanced equipment, technology, personnel, and build factories.
In 1985, he expanded his factory building for the second time and started to produce canned food. He took the lead in blazing a trail of success from domestic sales to foreign sales. At that time, there were many canneries in Fujian. Since most entrepreneurs at that time were not familiar with the rules of international trade, they were afraid that they would suffer losses abroad, and export licenses would not be readily available. The export threshold for canned food was high, and most of the enterprises had done domestic sales. However, canned food was still a “luxury product” at the time, and there was little room in the domestic market, and the canned food market in developed countries had a large demand. Wu Wenfu saw this bright spot in the international market and tried his best to export his canned products to foreign countries. He has produced a “bloody hurricane” road for the canned enterprises in Fujian.
In 1989, Wu Wenfu’s business career was another special year. This year's successful plan, so that the Golden Delicious plug in the take-off wings. In that year, raw material prices plummeted. At that time, the Golden Delicious had a certain scale and had relatively strong funds and strength. Wu Wenfu, who has been engaged in deep processing of food for many years, once again foresaw this business opportunity. Therefore, he began to purchase large quantities of canned raw materials—mushrooms and fruits. Facts have proved his foresight. Just a few months later, the raw materials began to rise again, and he earned "full price."
After that year's transition, the level of strength of the Golden Crown has increased by another step. In 1990, Wu Wenfu expanded his factory building for the third time and started to operate beverage products and implemented a diversified development strategy. In 1992, he was located in Huge Industrial Zone, built an industrial park with an area of ​​6,800 square meters and invested in the establishment of the Golden Crown Group.
At this time, the Golden Delicious decided to focus on the confectionery industry and began producing jellies and beverages while extending their tentacles to clothing and bags.
100 million transformation condiments
In the late 1990s, the European Union blocked the export of soy sauce from China on the grounds that these exports of soy sauce contained the carcinogen, trichlorobenzene. A large number of reports in the media allowed Wu Wenfu to capture such information: At that time, there were very few soy sauces that really belonged to natural brewing in China. Most soy sauces were blended out. Many companies producing soy sauce were home-based workshops. After investigation, he also discovered that due to restrictions imposed by the EU, many domestic condiment companies began to collapse at the time, and there was a large gap in the Chinese condiment market, especially high-grade seasonings.
At this time, the Golden Delicious Group has achieved considerable strength after more than ten years of development. Wu Wen, who is uneasy about the status quo, is full of ambitions for his second venture. At the time when the European Union had not blocked Chinese soy sauce, he had thoughts of entering real estate, but after this news came into his vision, he had been stunned and made a calm analysis and judgment.
At that time, he believed that although the prospects of real estate were "beautiful," they may be suspected of "bubbles." In addition, they are "outsiders" to real estate. It is difficult to accurately grasp the market's assessment, and condiments belong to the food industry. In the industry, it has been rolling for 20 years.
Based on various surveys and analyses, Wu Wenfu decided to make condiments. In 1999, he invested 150 million yuan to build a 4,500-square-meter factory building in the Jinli Wuli Industrial Park, and established the Golden Delicious Group "Golden Delicious Garden" soy sauce condiment company to begin production of high-grade natural brewing soy sauce and other condiments.
"Positioning decides the future"
Napoleon said: "The ability to make decisions is the most difficult to obtain, and therefore also the most precious." The Frenchman has certainly issued many important orders, such as the invasion of Russia. Today, such orders are called decisions. It was a major and cruel decision-making: a journey of a thousand miles, a hustle and bustle, and a lot of hostile local people. Do you understand the significance of Napoleon's words? Some decisions can make you wear a crown, while others make you wear pajamas and be locked on Elba Island.
In the 20 years of development of the Golden Delicious, Wu Wenfu has faced several major decisions, especially the core of the decision-making, he has a deep understanding.
Decisions cannot be left to right
Reporter (hereinafter abbreviated): Many people nowadays must say "positioning" in their openings. Positioning is easy, but it is not simple. Wu Dong can share with readers how to position the company?
Wu Wenfu (hereinafter referred to as Wu): I said that "positioning" includes industrial positioning, product positioning and brand positioning. This is the core of entrepreneurial decision-making. There is a saying that “strategy determines fate, details make achievements in the future”, in which the strategy must take precedence over details and details can be implemented on a deferred basis. However, the strategy is not in place and the development of the enterprise is empty talk. My understanding of "positioning" is the first step in strategic decision making. That is, entrepreneurs decide what they want to "do" before starting a business.
Note: Can you explain the difference between industry positioning, product positioning, and brand positioning, respectively?
Wu: First of all, it is the industry positioning, that is, you decided to do that line when you started a business. For example, in the late 1990s, when I decided to start my second venture, I chose to do real estate or other industries. As a result, we made condiments. This is the orientation of the industry. We often say: "Men are afraid of choosing the wrong line, women are afraid of marrying the wrong man." In fact, this is the industry positioning. This is a direction, and this position is determined after careful market research, analysis and evaluation in the early stage.
Note: When you did not choose to engage in real estate investment, do you regret it now?
Wu: This "regret" is impossible to talk about. Since you choose to do condiments, you can only focus on doing it. As a decision maker, you can't always "look around and look around," and not even "three hearts and two meanings." Otherwise, the whole company will follow you in "three hearts and two meanings." "" That's why nothing can be done.
Product positioning is "weighing"
Reporter: What is the positioning of the product and how to do product positioning?
Wu: After deciding to choose to do this line, we are faced with product positioning. It is like "weighing", which determines the proportion of your future market. This is the second important position after the second market survey analysis. For example, when we decided to make soy sauce seasoning, the positioning of this product was to make medium and high-grade products. This positioning means that raw materials, production equipment, and technical processes have to be matched with high-grade products.
Reporter: Why do you say that it is the "scale" of market share?
Wu: For example, in our "Golden Delicious Garden" soy sauce, we conducted full market research and analysis before deciding to make medium-to-high-end products. At that time, most of the soy sauce market in China was low-grade soy sauce formulated by small enterprises. With the improvement of people's living standards, seasonings have gradually developed in the direction of nutrition and health. The market prospect of mid-to-high end soy sauce is very promising. Based on this analysis and evaluation, we decided to produce high-salt, dilute soy sauce. This soy sauce is made from natural soya bean brewing, which requires a long brewing time and a complicated process. At the time, the market share of soy sauce was growing, both domestically and internationally.
Quality is the real brand
Note: In the brand positioning, "Golden Delicious Garden" soy sauce seasoning is what?
Wu: For a product, a company, the brand is very important, this is a fact we all know. But how to make a ring is a problem that needs to be studied. At present, many companies are engaged in advertising campaigns and overwhelming advertisements. But I think the most important thing in making a brand is to work hard on quality. Quality is the real brand.
Note: In the future, what is the development direction of the "Golden Delicious Garden" products and brands?
Wu: In terms of brand, "Golden Delicious Garden" is the brand that consumers feel most assured and trustworthy. In terms of products, it is mainly oriented towards nutrition, health, deliciousness, safety, and hygiene. We are constantly developing new products, such as children's soy sauce, we will produce products containing zinc, calcium and a variety of vitamins, and varieties will be developed to compound convenient soy sauce.
Character impression
Cold face
Before Wu Wenfu was seen, the reporter had telephoned him. His voice is very small, faint, words, and a bit cool. It is the impression of a successful businessman who feels “respected and distant”.
Wu Wenfu was seen in his suite office. At the time, he was talking to guests in the inner office. The secretary asked the reporter to sit on the sofa outside for a while and wait a moment. The reporter saw through a glass door a middle-aged man wearing a gray suit and glasses and sitting behind a huge desk, thinking that this person should be Wu Wenfu.
At this moment, he also saw the reporter. He quickly smiled and nodded outwards, making a greeting. After a while, the guests left, and the reporter started the interview.
The face-to-face conversation with Wu Wenfu seems to be very different from the results of telephone interviews. He is not only enthusiastic but also very talkative. In the two-hour interview, he talked while making tea. Wu Wenfu “shakens off” his little-known entrepreneurial story for more than 20 years. His weather-beaten face resembled a thick scroll, and the wrinkles carved out of his years of flying knives recorded his extraordinary course.
The entrepreneurial history of the past 30 years has written him too much bitterness. This is like a marathon race. He has been obsessively watching the target and rushing forward, and he has no choice at the intersection. He had enjoyed the excitement offered by the opportunity and experienced the pain of losing the opportunity.
When it comes to the second choice of real estate or choose the traditional food industry in the end, Wu Wenfu has deep feelings. He said: "I don't know whether this choice is right or wrong. If real estate was invested at that time, it might be another sight now, but it's hard to say that the condiment industry will take longer to develop."
He used a more parable metaphor to describe: "Like a stew of a sirloin, it's delicious to cook it slowly."
From processing noodles to producing candies, biscuits, to cans, then to candy, jelly, then drinks, and finally condiments. In the process, he has had too many trials and efforts, too More brilliant. His company—Jin Guan, from small workshops, to limited companies, to group companies, he is always learning to transcend and plan how to climb.
Diligence, wisdom, and stability, in the conversation with Wu Wenfu, such an impression gradually deepened in the minds of reporters. One of his managers commented on him as well: He was a man who dared to fight. From the beginning of his business, he seemed to have not taken a day off for more than 20 years. In addition, he was very calm in facing major decisions. When it comes to shooting, there are generals who are discouraged.